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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Terms

All sponsorship is subject to the following terms and conditions and no variation thereof will be accepted unless agreed in writing by Warrington F.C. Ltd.

2. Interpretation

In these terms and conditions, ‘Warrington Wolves’ mean Warrington F.C. Ltd and ‘the client’ means the person, firm or company entering into the sponsorship agreement.

3. Deposit

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Warrington Wolves, a deposit will be required on the signing hereof, the amount being calculated at 20% of the total sponsorship amount. All deposits are non-refundable.

4. Special Items

Warrington Wolves reserve the right to charge for provision of special items in addition to any costs agreed between Warrington Wolves and the client.

5. Cancellation

The advance deposit will not be refunded in the event of the cancellation of the sponsorship agreement. In addition, a cancellation charge will be imposed and payable on demand in the event of the cancellation of all or any part of the sponsorship agreement after acceptance. The amounts are due as liquidated damages and not as a penalty and will be calculated in accordance with the following schedule:

Notice of cancellation received – Proportion of anticipated charge

  • Less than 7 days before event 100%
  • 7 - 28 days before event 50%Additionally, any charges payable to any sub contractors or any other costs, charges and expenses incurred on behalf of the client will be charged.6. PaymentPayment must be as stated on the invoice and all payments be received before the event.Tickets will be issued when payment is received in full. In the event of non-payment of the amount so calculated by the due date, Warrington Wolves reserves the right to treat such non-payment as repudiation of this contract.If credit terms are agreed as payment by standing order, the agreed payment dates must be strictly adhered to. Completed standing order forms must be returned to Warrington Wolves within 7 days of the completion of this sponsorship agreement. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the sponsorship agreement.Warrington Wolves reserve the right to charge interest on unpaid accounts at 4% above the Lloyds Bank Plc base rate from time to time.

7. Value Added Tax

If applicable Value Added Tax at the current rate payable will be in addition to all charges.

8. Force Majeure

If for any reason beyond its control, but limited to strike, labour dispute, accident, act of war, act of God, fire, flood or any other emergency condition Warrington Wolves is unable to perform its obligations under this agreement such non-performance is excused and Warrington Wolves may terminate this agreement without further liability of any nature upon return of the deposit paid. In no event shall Warrington Wolves be liable for consequential damages of any nature or any reason whatsoever.

9. Personal Liability

If any agreement is signed in the name of a corporation, partnership, association, club or society, the persons so signing represents and warrants to Warrington Wolves that he or she has full authority to sign such contract and in the event that he or she is not so authorised, he or she will be personally liable for the faithful performance of this agreement.

10. Fixtures

The dates and times of fixtures for the Season are subject to alteration. Reasonable endeavours shall be made by the club to publicise any fixture change as far in advance as possible. Bookings will be moved to the re-arranged fixture, where the time of the fixture has changed no refunds will be given. If the date of the fixture changes a refund is available or can be moved to an alternative fixture.

11. Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in any part of the stadium and the club takes a serious view of any individual in breach of this policy. The club reserves the right to eject from the stadium anyone smoking anywhere in the stadium.